Sunday, June 27, 2010

I cannot help myself...

I have always had a Rainman like fascination with numbers. Not in an algebraic or calculus interest, but more like in an OCD, "Who the hell cares?" sense. My mind is wired that way.

This morning, after I ran a blistering fast(for me) 13 miles, I retired another pair of spent Newtons. It always makes me feel weird when I callously toss out something that I spent a lot of time the shoes have feelings...but what else can I do with them? My twisted mind then made me wonder how many individual run strides I took in them. (sigh...I wish I could stop...really!)

I came up with 1,050,000 strides for the pair. 600 miles X 1,750 strides per mile, give or take. A million of anything is a lot, but 175 pounds striking the ground 1,000,000 or so times is pretty cool to think about. It is pretty awesome to contemplate the pressure your body takes over the course of 600 miles. So then, I extrapolated the stride count to the full adventure and estimated I will take 4,000,000 - 4,500,000 steps. Pretty flipping cool when you think about it.

So then my mind started monkeying around with other numbers.

I will probably go through...

150 Clif Bars
900 Clif Shot Bloks
450 pounds of ice
3,000 ounces of electrolyte drinks
288,000 burned calories
6 pairs of Newton running shoes
If I average 7 miles per hour, 360 hours of running time.

Hopefully, my wife count stays steady!



  1. I can only assume this post means you are looking for an "electrolyte drink" sponsorship - always the sales man. It is a little more than an ounce/mile!
    Great stuff.

  2. Jeff, ABC...always be closing. I am finding that even though running across the country is interesting to me, sponsor targets collectively yawn. Not enough eyeballs, clicks, audiences... I am hoping for kind grandmothers to make me cookies on the way at this point : )