Monday, July 5, 2010

Here is to the future...

Over the holiday weekend, my wife and I got into a long discussion about the potential after impacts of endurance running. Me, obviously on the side of "it will be what it will be".  My lovely wife on the side of "you are bound for a wheel chair, and if you think I am changing your diaper then you are crazy". 

The stray creaks and pops that come out of my joints give my wife the eebie jeebies.  I say all 46 year olds have them!

I don't worry about it at all. First, I am very lucky and have been relatively injury and joint pain free. Secondly, I have amazing faith that Steve Jobs and the gang at Apple will have my future joint problems covered sometime in the next few years.

The Apple iKnee will be self installing, come in several eye appealing colors and will store all of my books, music and movies. There will be lines...just as there were for the iPhone and the iPad. Senior citizens will be camping out waiting for their new iKnees. I can probably pre order on AT&Ts website if I do it quickly.  There will be all sorts of cool extra apps for the $9.99 Soccer Kick application or even the $19.99 Endurance Knee download.

And if I am a little too far gone for the iKnee, the iWalker will be a big hit. Imagine, a walker that has a GPS, your favorite music and favorite movies at your touch!

See what I have to look forward to? Let my knees pop I say!!