Friday, July 2, 2010

Fool Proof Diet Plan

I read this morning that it is estimated that the average television set is on 8 hours and 14 minutes a day. That led me to Google "television watching statistics".  There are a ton of numbers out there.  The most commonly referenced numbers were a study by AC Neilson.  According to the Neilson survey, the average American watches 28 hours a week of TV.  28 hours!  What is on 28 hours a week worth watching?  (Besides the upcoming Tour De France of course!)

What would happen if the average American TV viewing back by just four hours a week and spent it running or biking?  It would not be a huge sacrifice.  28 hours of TV versus 24 hours?  How many reruns of the Andy Griffith Show can one watch?
My fool proof diet plan!!!!

According to multiple websites the average person burns 900-1,000 calories per hour running.  A normal person needs to burn 3,500 calories to eliminate a pound of fat.  People need roughly 2,400-2,500 calories a day to stay even. 

Do the math.  The average person does not need to change any eating habits and only has to give up four hours of TV watching a week to potentially lose 45-55 pounds of weight per year.  If you can create a calorie deficit every week of 3,500 just by running, it is possible!

Want to eat a whole pizza while watching your 4 hours of TV a day?  Eat the whole thing!  Just be sure to run for three hours to make up for the extra calorie intake! 

Want to wash that pizza down with a six pack while you watch Dance Your Ass Off?  (I am sure people do!)  Go run for 90 minutes the next day!!!!

Diet books prey on people's desire for magic wands to make them lose weight without effort.  If I were to write a diet book, it would be one page long.

Chapter One:

Give up four hours a week of tv and run as hard as you can.
Eat and drink up to 2,500 calories a day...anything you want.
If you pig out beyond 2,500 calories on a day, make up for it with extra hours running.
Repeat until you lose as much weight as you want.
If you want to accelerate the weight loss?  Exercise more and eat smarter.
Don't buy any stupid pills or books claiming miracles.
It is a math problem.

The End

There it is...the new bestseller!

Have a great 4th and get off the sofa!!!


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