Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thanks Greg!

A month or so ago, Greg and Janet, old friends of Christine and I, from Charleston came to visit.  They are great people and a good time was had...all of that!!!

Greg is an amazingly talented artist (and a decent runner!) and has really done some nice paintings.  I got the bright idea to ask him if he thought he could design a logo for the new website, t-shirts for the crew, tatoos (kidding....errr....maybe) and possibly a few signs for the support vehicle etc. 

He was so cool about it.  Now it occurs to me that it was maybe like asking Picasso to paint a picket fence, but he thought about it and said he would give it a shot!  And what a shot it is!  I was going to wait for the new website in September, but am so excited about it that I wanted to unveil it here. 

I like it because it has my name in it.   HA.  Just kidding!!!  No,  the real reason I like it is that it captures the essence of what the adventure is about...and he even managed to work in the tread mark of my favorite running shoes.  (He says he is running around with some white on the bottom of his left shoe!)

Of course he would not take any money for his work...so, I am making a donation of $300 in his name to Boston Terrier Rescue (http://btrnc.org/), which is a fave charity of he and Janet's...and where they got a couple of BTs!

Thanks again Greg...this was really cool of you!  Sorry about your white left foot!



  1. Glad to support the cause Ed - you're a great inspiration for all of us runners! The 'E' is inspired by the weathered white and yellow lines that you'll be staring at day after day. And the 'D' is the mark you'll be leaving on asphalt all across the continental US. The folks at BTRNC will certainly appreciate your gift - they're a great organization.