Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am getting ready for the San Francisco Marathon, which takes place next Sunday. I am hopeful for a 3:10 or so...and perhaps a personal record for that distance. I certainly have that kind of time in me. My last half marathon race was 1:31 in windy and rainy conditions.

A few of you are prepping for your first marathon. Here are my top ten preparation moves going into a race a week away.

1). A week out, you should run only 3-4 times at short distances...maybe 4-5 miles. You are running for your peace of mind...not to build any muscles.

2). Eat smart all week...I know they say a last night before the race carbohydrate load is smart, but I think race day is a time when your last week's worth of eating pays off.

3). Skip a day or two and don't do any exercise the last week. Give your body a break and let it mend.

4). Drink, drink drink (water that is!!!) starting about Wednesday. Get your body totally filled hydration wise.

5). Prepare your clothes and race gear two days ahead of time. It will give you time in case you need to get something.

6). Read about the race course. Know where it gets hilly, flat, out in the open etc.

7). 48 hours out...only eat and drink stuff you know your body reacts well too. Why risk the effects of burritos with extra jalapenos when you know it rips you up?

8). Race morning, get up 4 hours early, eat a little, drink a little coffee and take a nap. Topping off your calorie tank, letting the coffee help take care of (ahem) emptying the tank and getting a little nap in always works!

9). Don't overheat or drink in the hour before a race start. It will cost you time and comfort.

10). Don't wear anything that you have not done big miles in previously. Running while something is chafing sucks! Learning this during a race is horrible.

3:10!!!!! That is my goal!


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