Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fitness Factor

Warning:  This blogpost is not my normal is truly a new type of drivel!  I will get back to regular drivel next weekend.

Over the last 48 hours I have been amgusted (a new word I have coined for the state of being simultaneously amused and disgusted) by all of the media monkeyshines regarding the "fitness" of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to be POTUS.  Some of the jokes are wryly funny. "Run Christie Run...err, maybe walk".   But most of the stuff written is just plain stupid and low brow.

I have no clue whether this guy is the kind of leader this country needs these days.  However, to judge whether this man is a good bet for running the country based on his girth is stupidity defined.

No secret.  I am passionate about physical fitness.  I think there have been enough studies on all of the positive impacts of being fit to put that topic to rest.  I like to hang with runners and fit people because we share similar experiences and likes. But....

Basing one's vote or judgement of a person's mental capacity to do great things based on fitness, thinness or number of miles the person can run seems moronic to me.  Using weight or fitness as an analog for leadership would automatically put runway models, marathoners and mixed martial arts fighters as corporate and governmental leaders...not exactly a perfect recipe for success. 

Further, using weight or fitness as criterium for leadership seems cousin to racism, sexism or any other -ism that defines shallow thinking.

Do I think Chris Christie would feel better if he lost some weight?  You bet!  Nearly everyone does!

Do I think Mr. C would have more endurance if he were more fit?  Totally!

Will Mr. Christie make a better leader if he was thinner?  Who knows?  Who cares? 

His weight is his choice.  The guy is either a leader or not.  300 lbs or 150 lbs, he will be the same guy between the ears.

My personal thinking is that the kind of person we need to lead this country has the good sense to steer clear of getting involved.  My guess is that the smart and integruous men/women capable of such a job would not want to put themselves into the meat grinder of stupidity our elective process has become.  This person could be thin, fat, fit, unfit, black, male, asian, female, gay, straight, religious, not religious, listen to punk rock music (oh yeah!) or like to crochet...

Who gives a rat's ass?

The person needs to lead. 

That is what is missing in our government today.

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