Sunday, October 9, 2011

Everyone needs a coach!

I have had spec-flippin-tacular runs the last two weeks.

This morning it felt like days of old as I threaded myself through downtown San Francisco streets at the speed of lightening.

Lightening you say?

Yup!  Lightening! 


New kicks?  Some new supplement?  Some secret new exercise that dramatically improved my core strength?  A change in hydrationsleepdietcaffienationreligiontelevisionviewinghabitspoliticalpartyassociation?


So, Ed, do tell...

By my account, I have run nearly 23,000 miles or so in the last 13 years.  You would think I know how to run by now.  How hard can it be?  Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, faster...leftfootrightfootleftfoot....

Without any help, I have been able to run relatively injury free and relatively fast for a middle aged working dude.  However, since my RAA attempt, I have not been all that fast or consistant.  In fact, running had gotten really hard over the last 30-45 days.

I leaned on two guys for some free coaching...

My running pals Hugh Bosely and John Teeples are two regular guys I respect enough to listen to about my running.  They both run fast, long and hard.  Both can leave me in their dust.  Both are in my age group.  Both had great advice for me over the last month or so.  Both, unknowingly served as the coaching influence that I likely needed to get myself out of my running performance funk. 

This two cents worth coaching from John and Hugh gets me thinking that I need more coaches in my life.  Running and Triathlon coaches.  Business and leadership coaches.  Marraige and relationship coaches.  Investing and financial coaches.  Nutritional coaches.  I can always be better.  And I would be if I already knew how...a good coach knows how!

Coaches only want you to get better.  Coaches have experience and perspective.  Coaches don't care to give it to you straight.  (Adjust this.  Great work.  Correct that.  Getting better Ed!  You are doing this sloppily.  Way to push!  You are doing that half assed.  That's the way.  Pick it up.  Showing Improvement dude!  My momma has a better stride than you do Roshitsh!  You are on it!)

Forget about Tiger Woods personal transgressions for a minute.  It is interesting to read about how he is once again having coaches rip his game apart and put it back together so that he can return to the leader board.  If Tiger Woods feels compelled to get a coach for his sport, why would the rest of us not consider finding a coach?

Where can you find a coach to help you?

Who can YOU coach?


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