Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recovery, Medal, Pictures and Final Race Thoughts

Three days after Ironman 9 and things are settling back down for me.  I am back at work, sleeping in until the amazing hour of 4:45 a.m., eating without a care and drinking a few extra beers. 

My recovery is going well.  I finally got enough fluids into me yesterday afternoon.   My brain started functioning as normal and my kidneys decided to come back to work.   I was very dehydrated post race...maybe as bad as I have ever experienced.  Muscle wise, my legs and back ache a bit and stairs are doable but not a treat.  I suspect that a few more days and my muscles will be back to nornal. 

So here is the medal they give finishers...

Also, they have official pictures of the race.  If you want to take a look at some pics of my race Click Here
They did a nice job catching me at various spots on the course.  Luckily they only caught one picture of me on the run where I was looking like I was ready to bag it.  That was lucky, as I think the only time I could muster a run was the first photo they took.

Final thoughts on the race.  With no exaggeration, I can say that this race was a close to the edge as I have ever been of totally collapsing.  It was my worst time for completing an Ironman, but as I analyze my effort, I am very happy with how I talked myself through staying in the race...step by step, mile by mile.  That is what Ironman is about.

I am not doing anything physically until after the Labor Day holiday!  Then prepping for Run Across America starts in earnest.


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