Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes, I am really going to do this...

The other day a co-worker and I were talking about my experience at the Ironman Race.  I remarked that since I have put the race behind me, it is time to turn all of my training efforts towards the "the big run".  He looked at me and asked/said "You are not really going to do that still are you?".  My response was a quick!!!

"He-- Yes!". 

I am going to go through with this!  No doubt.  No questions.  No gimmicks. 

I am going to start out somewhere in the low-country (Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA) on March 1st, 2011 and run, point to point, continuously, contiguously, through rain, snow, sleet, sun and whatever else gets tossed at me until I make it to San Diego/Los Angeles on May 30th or so.

50 miles a day at least  on the daily average.
60 total days (figuring 5-10 off days for rest or other fun)
Staying in a combination of hotels, KOAs, the motor home or whatever else.
As much of a support crew family, friends and running clubs will give me.
So far, self funded, but will be working on a few sponsors over the coming months.
Not necessarily tied to a cause, but I am working on something in that general vicinity.

That is it.

Why?  Some people climb mountains or jump out of planes.  Same sense of reasoning here....Because it will be a kick-ass challenge.  Something that will really push me to a limit that will be making or breaking in some ways.  It is something that only 200 people or so have done since information like this has been it is not a common challenge.  I am 46 going on 47 years old...if I wait, I may not have the physical ability to do so if I wait until I am in my 50s.  So the time is right.

I will be sharing all of it here for the next 9 months...the training and the actual experience.   Thanks for reading!



  1. Not try to do this challenge???? Are you kidding?? it's not in your make up to not give it a whirl! We'll help in whatever way we can....Dee and Bill

  2. Now you're really scaring me.... Dee