Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What to do after a long run...

So, a question I often get these days is "What do you do after a long run to help you recover?".  I have a variety of tried and true techniques that I have picked up through all of my reading and talking to other runners. 

Here are the Cliff Notes...

The first thing I do after a long run is to get quality carbs/complex sugars into me quickly.  I usually do this in the form of a big water bottle of Cytomax with an extra scoop or two to make it extra sugary.

( I don't rep for Cytomax, nor are they a sponsor...but if they happen to read this and want to help me with my adventure, I would be open.  p.s. Cytomax rocks!)  There are dozens of studies on the impact of sugars on post work out muscle recovery.   I am a big believer.  The key is to get it into you quickly...within 30 minutes of a session.  Fruit juice is another safe bet.  Stay away from soda...there is nothing good in soda for you!

If it is a really gnarly trail run or a really long road run (45 miles or greater)....and I am beat up badly, I usually will soak in a tub full of epsom salts.  Again, there a lot of positive studies on the impact that mineral baths have on muscles during recovery.  I usually keep the water room temperature or a little cooler to start.   Dropping yourself into a tub of hot water may feel good, but it is not recommended as heat actually makes it harder to recover.  Coolness aids in reducing inflammation...heat does nothing to reduce inflammation. 

The third thing I do is apply a simple bag of ice on key joint areas.  At 46, my ankles and knees sometimes remind me that I am no longer 13 years old.  My brain may still think like a 13 year old (ask my wife, she will tell you), but my joints know the real truth.  Ice!

The fourth part of my recovery regimen is either an application of DMSO (previously mentioned) or more likely these days, Arnica (also previously mentioned).

The fifth and final step of my recovery after a long push is a "special soon to be patented technique" I developed that I call  the "Unibeernap Method".  The "Unibeernap Method" is when I usually eat something, lay down on the coach, get half way through a cold beer (or 2) and fall asleep for 20 minutes (or 60...).  It is amazing how good you feel after running long when you follow the Unibeernap Method approach.

That is how I do it!

I am running well, on target for training and having a great time getting ready for this adventure! 

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

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  1. Cracking up @ "....p.s. Cytomax rocks!" and "the Unibeernap Method"