Monday, November 1, 2010

Zombies, Snookies and Beards...

When running through downtown San Francisco at 2:30 in the morning, one usually sees an odd collection of people.  I think I have already talked about "regular" characters like "The Witch Doctor" (seriously, think back to a cartoon witch doctor from your childhood...bone in nose...the whole nine yards) and "Creepy Grandma"  (scary, scary, scary!) in past blogs.  At 2:30 a.m. you get what you get.  I see the underside of the city at that time of day.  My wife worries about me out at that time of the night.  I am not that concerned.  My theory is that anyone crazy enough to be out running in the middle of the night is not someone that they would want to mess with.  (Mess with him?  Are you nuts?  He's crazy!  Look at him running like a fool in the middle of the night!)

I guess I should have been prepared for what I might see at 2:30 in the morning on a Halloween night run.  This, especially after a Giant's World Series win in game 4!  Just because I have to go to work, it does not mean others do I guess.  (Judging from a few of the revelers, I doubt their bosses will see them until Wednesday.)

This morning, I saw several "groups" of assorted Halloween/Giant Game party goers, presumably on the way home (?) or on to the next party.  Zombies, Snookies, guys dressed like Giant's pitcher Brian Wilson (Fear the Beard!), a group of KKK hooded people (that is scary and just plain moronic at the same time) and even several  ladies dressed like street walkers (oops, those were real) were roaming 2:30 in the morning!   I wonder if they were as puzzled and amused by me as I was them!

My kind of 2:30 in the morning stumble is a bit different than theirs!

I have to hit 500 training miles this month to stay on plan. 

I am off to a good start!


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