Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Two Session...another easy 35 miles!

Day two of the 105 mile 3 day weekend test.

It was another easy 35 miles today.  I hate to discount a run of 35 miles, but I just got into a zone and trotted it out.  No pain, no strain...the worst thing that happened to me was being cold.  My legs and breathing were non-issues.  I seem to be getting better at hydration.  Both yesterday and today, I errrrrrrrr, had an abundance of fluids....even in the last hour or so.   I hope I have it figured out!

Today, I hit the headlands again.  Yesterday's headlands run was so beautiful that I decided to do it again.  Here is a view!

Tomorrow, I will put the last 35 miles (or maybe a few more depending on what tiime I get out the door) on this weekend. 

I feel confident about 50 miles a day!

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