Monday, January 17, 2011

105 Miles in 3 Days!

I hit my goal of running 105 training miles in three days.  In 54 clock hours, I ran 4 marathons!  Today's 35 was a bit harder than the previous two days.  It was not that I was feeling bad or even tired.  I was just miserably uncomfortable.   The cold wet fog permeated everything I was wearing.  Leading me to freeze my butt off the whole five hours.  It slowed me down as my muscles never got warm enough to turn it up!

Over the last three days, I developed a lot of confidence.  I had that "tipping point" feeling as I finished today.   You know that feeling...a mixture of belief, relief and seeing the end in sight.   My belief is that I am in shape to run across the US.  My relief is that the wheels stayed on for three hard days of training.  And finally, seeing the end in sight...I am only 42 days away!


  1. Very impressed Ed. Keep it up for a healthy and happy RAA.

  2. Dude! 4 marathons in 3 days?! Yowza! And here's me whining about running the equivalent of 1 marathon in 7 days. Go Ed GO! You're superhuman!