Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 things I am giving up when I make my Run Across America

Folks, my run is only 40 days away at this point!   40 Days! 

It is now time for me to get serious.  Think Karate Kid.   Think Rocky Balboa heading to Siberia to train for the fight with Ivan Drago.  Think sacrifice.  Think leaning and meaning.  Think stripping it down to core essentials.

To that end, this is my list of five things I am going to dig deep and sacrifice in order for me to successfully trek across the US in support of FINF and S4S!

First, Whiskey in a Can!   Giving it up!  No more 12, 24 or 40 ouncers for me!

For the run, I have decided to quit smoking!  No more 3 packs a day for me!  (Maybe I will switch to Menthols.  They open up the lungs and make you breathe easier!)

Though I come to work daily dressed like this, I am going to wear running clothes and give up my MC Roshitsh persona for 60 days while I run.  Word up!  Tru dat!

Good bye Justin!  I cannot begin to tell you what 2,500 miles running without you will be like!

Finally, I am giving up on running in my favorite brand of running footwear...Newton Running made me a better offer.....

As you can see, I really put myself out there.  It is the least I can do.  Gotta take it to the mat. Time to get busy!

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