Friday, January 21, 2011

A Eureka Moment About Goal Setting...

Clap your hands together as hard as you can.  It stings right?  The pain probably lasted about 20 seconds maybe.  Lots of noise...little damage. 


Grab a hammer in one hand, then smack your other hand with said hammer as hard as you can.  OOOh....that's going to leave a mark.  It hurts don't it?  Lots of damage.

Goals are a lot like that.  Setting too many goals is like clapping your hands together.  It diffuses the force/attention across a wide space...little result, little impact.  Focus your effort like the business end of you've got something!

Setting one big goal and putting all your might behind it can make some big things happen.  

If you put all of your attention on accomplishing something big and put your hammer to it...what could you accomplish?

38 days away for me!!!!!

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