Sunday, January 23, 2011

CIADD (Coffee Induced ADD!)

Pre-Warning!  I have had at least one pot of coffee this morning.  This blog post, like my brain, is caffiene adled.  My brain normally operates like a speed freak', you may want to buckle up for your own safety!

I took today off from running.  It has been 3-4 weeks since my day has not started with a run.  I wanted to give my lovely and supportive wife a "real person" Sunday.  This run has been a pretty selfish thing at times and she has been understanding to the nth level..   A pot of coffee, the New York Times....I must say, this Sunday morning thing as a non-runner is pretty darned civilized!

All right, my CIADD just kicked in...

"One More Thing I am Swearing Off for My Run Across America!"  Yup, I am giving these little orange morsels of joy up!  Feel the sacrifice!  (The container is about 20 inches tall btw!)

I ran 44 miles yesterday.  It was an easy day!  I just kept moving.  I got in a zone and trotted it out old school! with some Cyprus Hill (Hand on the Pump)   We have had a streak of awesome weather here in the Bay and I took full advantage yesterday!  Me, in Tiburon, below!

A partner of a co-worker/twitter friend @garza_girl introduced me to this guy this morning.  Check out this guy's story and video.  It is really cool.  His goal is to raise $5,000,000...wishing him luck!

Compared to his $5 large, I feel like a weak schmucko for setting a goal of only $25,000 for Freedom is Not Free! (p.s. Please Donate to Freedom is Not Free Here! Make sure you click on my run link so we can track donations to this run!) 

So, I am down to a month before I leave for the East Coast to get this party started.  The actual run is only 36 days away!

T-Shirts should be arriving this week!


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  1. Swearing off the cheesballs? Damn. Where will I get my fix when I at HQ?