Monday, August 23, 2010

6 Days and Counting

I am putting the final touches on tapering down for the race on Sunday.  Following the session with the accupuncturist, I feel like my old self.  I under estimated just how much it was bothering me and putting a governor on my performance.

Sunday, I blasted a 30 mile bike ride and absolutely thrashed it.  For about 8 miles I was able to hold speeds of 24-28 miles an hour...even with hills and city pedalling with starts and stops, my MPH average was right at 20.  It felt great passing people like I was in a car!

If you are interested in following my progress on Sunday...(you must be bored!)

Go to

Click on the "Live Race Tracking"

You should be able to enter my race number (2,562) or my last name and see where I am at on the course and in what place.  Last year, I ended up right under 12:00 hours.  My goal is too finish, a stretch goal would be to beat my 12:00 hour time and a "I had the race of my life would be anything under 11:30". 

The weather is going to be...well....errr...."poopy".  The weather will be in the 90s with high humidity.  Normally, I would say "bring it"...however, as I have been in cool weather the last 4-5 years, I am not so excited.

As I count down to race day, I just want to thank my wife for all she puts up with in regards to my training for this and the Run Across America.  Also thanks to JT for keeping me pulled together physcially the last 6 months.  Thanks also to Newton Running Shoes for keeping me in kicks!

On to Louisville tomorrow!



  1. Well we're going to be one of those boring people watching your race on Sunday. Thanks for the info....we won't be there physicall, but we'll be watching you nonetheless. Be smart, be safe and have a blast. Dee and Bill

  2. Thanks guys! In the air as I type....I put my bike in first class and Christine was so nice to hop into the bike case for the trip down.....she is a real trooper! Ed

  3. Happy cycling, swimming, and running wishes! Counting down with you! Take care of your body and Christine! Can't wait to hear all about it! JT