Thursday, August 26, 2010

Louisville Day One...and old man time is making faces at me!

The trip to Louisville was just the way I wanted it...drama and excitement free.

My bike made it through with no problems. I threw it together this morning and put in about ten miles of shake down. Everything works as designed. This is always the biggest worry for me on these things.

I was one of the first to get race registered this morning. It is an easy process and the volunteers are always so nice here. One cool thing, at the weigh in, I registered a 10.2% body fat level, which is the lowest I have been ever. So, last nights airport Mexican food fest with more than one margarita did me no damage. Well, maybe a little damage.

Christine says this is as laid back as she has seen me for an Ironman Race. This ain't my first rodeo and I know more or less what to expect. I have packing and prepping down. I know how harsh the race is. No sense getting worked is what it is.

I will say I was stunned to find out that out of 2997 racers registered, I am 2,562nd oldest. WHAT? 83% of the people here are younger than me? HUH? That just makes me feel...OLD.

Well, now I want to make sure I don't finish in the bottom 17% where the old man I apparently, by Ironman standards, have become.

Where the heck are my reading glasses...I want to read my AARP application.


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