Friday, August 27, 2010

Louisville Report Day Two

Day two in Louisville. Pretty much, I am now pretending to be human veal. Eating, drinking, napping and staying off my feet.

This morning, I spent 30 minutes on my bike and even with some city traffic to contend with averaged 22 MPH. That is fast for me and I feel ready for 112 miles. I also ran 4 miles and felt solid, though I took it really easy so as not to pull anything that has recently repaired.

The weather this morning was very nice. The weatherman is forecasting 92 degrees on Sunday. Click Here for Latest Weather Forecast  That is my largest concern. The distance itself is rough, but add heat and you never know what is going to happen.

I must say that there is a tacky new trend here at Ironman. People wearing compression knee socks with about everything. There is ample science arguing for or against the merits of these socks. My opinion is that based on sheer ugliness alone, they should not be worn outside. Picture the Bermuda short, business shoe and black sock look...this is 200X dumber looking. Wear them while you sleep, under long pants, whatever...outside as a fashion statement? Yikes!

Tomorrow, we get to swim practice in the Ohio...before and after that, I am human veal.


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