Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Safety while I am running....

This morning my Twitter and email box has lit up with links to this story...


The nephew of the Dalai Lama was killed while walking in Florida last night.  He was on a walk to raise awareness for Tibetan independence.  He was walking in the dark...close to traffic it sounds.

This is sad news for sure.  Any time a cyclist or pedestrian is injured or killed on a ride or walk/run, it punctuates the need for safety.  Safety, for both the cyclist/runner and the motorist is of equal importance.

What am I doing to be as safe as I can be during this run?

1)  I am going to be lit up at dawn with 4-5 lights!  I have a variety of light vests/belts that I will use to ensure I can be seen from a far ways off.

2)  I have a well lit (cool sign that lights up on top of the car PLUS rotating yellow safety light) chase vehicle that will alert motorists that I am up ahead.

3)  Avoidance of high traffic areas.

4)  Dressing in bright clothing.

5)  Not taking any stupid chances.

I am always aware that there is always the chance that some drunken a-- h--- may be out on the road, or some kid out in mom's car texting a friend or the like.  It is a hazard you learn to be aware of.  4,000 miles of running and nearly another 4,000 miles on my bikein the last year has taught me to assume that the next car is being piloted by a slack jawed moron who does not realize they are sitting in the pilot seat of a missile. 

Don't worry about me...I am going to get across the country in one piece!


  1. We also wore a reflective vest even in the daylight. Angle of the sun and daylight headlamps reflected just as well as in the night.
    We seamed to have more problems with people not paying attention because they were on their phones either talking or texting.
    Be Careful Out There.

  2. Ed, sounds like you are all set and taking the necessary precautions. BTW, remember I told you that I almost hit someone a couple months ago? Well, I saw him again this morning... still running in his all black outfit, without anything reflective, on the road and in the pitch dark! Just amazing how foolish some people can be. Stay safe out there old buddie!!