Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Serge Girard...I am not worthy! Charleston Run Map...

Last night, I was leafing through this month's issue of Mens' Journal.  There is usually some good stuff for real guys in there.  Not like GQ, which leans towards a more (ahem!) urbane dude. 

There was an article on Serge Girard titled "Marathon Man".  Serge's accomplishment makes my little jog look like a 5K.  For the last 365 days (at publishing date), Serge has run on average 46 miles per day, totalling 14,031 miles.  7 times or so what I am about to attempt.  (Mental track as I read this..."What a nut!"  "Oh, cool, it is physically humanly possible to run 46 miles a day on end."  "Did I set too low of a goal?")

Check out Serge's story here.  It is pretty ass kicking!

Also, I want to report a big donation for Freedom is Not Free sent to me in the mail yesterday.  $500!  I will leave the donor anonymous for obvious reasons.   However, it gave me goosebumps to get such a large check for my run.  I will get an official total for the donations in the next day or so...but am estimating close to $4,500.  THANKS!   If you plan on donating to either FINF or S4S's on behalf of my run, you can do so by clicking the buttons to the side...they will lead you directly to the charities web sites.  I am not taking any cut.  All donations go to the charities.

First media announcement of sorts (Click)...article in the Charleston Post and Courier's Blog by David Quick...more to come!
Finally, for those of you joining me in Charleston for the March 1st launch.  A couple things...

1)  We will be meeting at CBC's Bay Street Store anytime after 6....with the run starting at 7-7:15 ish.
2)  Unlike a race, I am not going to be able to logistically cover water, energy drinks or etc.  I will have some emergency stuff from my own run make sure you bring what you need!  Sorry!
3)  I will have a waiver that looks exactly like any other you have signed for a race.  My insurance guy and lawyer are insisting on having folks who plan on running with me to sign it.  Sorry again!  It is what it is. 
4)  The you go!

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I am down to 6 days before I leave.   12 days before run start!  Feel Great!  Feel Ready!

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