Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11, Part 2!

Went to specialist.  He studied MRI at length and could see no stress fracture.  He ended up diagnosing inflammed tendons on top of foot.  He said I could "walk" tomorrow.  To me that means lets try jogging. 

He said to keep the ice on it and to wear the "boot" that I got yesterday when I am not running. 

I am very, very excited about this.  The prospects of having to potentially bow out due to injury really made me sad!

Big time thanks to Dr. Dave, who questioned the original diagnosis and correctly called the issue based on the photos and my description! 

Tonight's MP3 loop?


  1. I really love how you have this on video.

    And doctor's orders - "Give the boot a little run."


  2. Oiy! Glad it is not a stress fracture...but be careful with it! Keep on walking/shuffling/jogging/running!

  3. This is great news. A Forrest Gump reference may be in order but will save that for San Diego!