Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 6...Cold, Wet and Windy

Day 6 was the toughest running day so far of this little adventure. If there was ever a day for me to start crying like a 4 year old and saying over and over "I want my mommy!" it was today.

It started out with buckets of rain. Gallons and gallons of cold wetness that soaked me to the bone. That was not bad enough so mother nature decided to throw in a steady 20-25 mile per hour wind and temperatures that never climbed above 48 or so. There were moments where I actually felt like I was running in place and not making any progress.

It was a constant internal mental battle debating two paths; "taking one of my extra rest days" versus manning up and grinding it out. Manning up won the contest today! 8:58 minutes to do 50.1 miles. I threw the extra .1 on the day as a special "you can try, but you will not beat me" message to myself and the clouds (as if they cared).

Once again, we had very little interaction with people. I suspect most people were huddled at home doing Sunday things on warm, soft sofas with great food and company. I was the only crazy person out there on the road for most of it.

We did have one guy flag us down on motorcycle, a Vietnam vet who liked what were doing enough to give us $4. I caught the end of it on video.

We are staying with John and Melissa of Big Dog Running Company. They have a beautiful place John has built himself out in the country. They are the two most nicest people I believe I have ever met. They through us a spread last night fit for a king and have given us the run of their home. We are thankful to you John and Melissa. (P.S. John got in to BadWater this year...I am going to crew for him if he allows me!)

This is a rest day. I am going to be doing some resting for sure, but I also have two speaking engagements: One for about 300 college kids who John is helping with a Habitat for Humanity Home Building Challenge. I also have one at Big Dog's Store where I will be speaking to a local running club.

Finally, my top three observations about the last 6 days.

1) There are still some amazingly good and caring people out there.
2) Running 300 miles in 6 days is hard, but not impossible...certainly not for sissies.
3) I am so thankful for my wife, mother and father in law for the help they have given me.



  1. That's right... show those clouds who is boss! Glad you connected with John and Melissa. Enjoy your rest day.

  2. Ed,
    Missed jumpin' on yesterday and seeing how things are going. Excellent push through the tough weather!!! It will be interesting to see how this run changes your perspective on what is tough and what isn't.

    Keep 'er moving!!!

  3. You're already at 10%- that is amazing! I love hearing about fellow Americans stopping you to contribute to the cause. It's inspiring. You're quite the machine to push through all the rain and wind; I'd be the one crying in the corner to go home! Keep it up- we're all rooting for you!!!

  4. Ed,
    Great inspiration my first day back from my trip. Keep it up! I just emailed you a pic wearing the shirt in Costa Rica. I look forward to your daily updates.

  5. Ed,
    Charlie and Steve here. We are amazed that you are eating moon pies. Keep running.

    Cb and sc