Sunday, February 21, 2010

Barefoot Running...Not Me!

This weekend I did back to back 26 mile runs.  No stress.  No pain.  Both sessions went even better than I thought they would. The weather was pretty yesterday and we had yucky weather today (rain and cold!).  I feel so good and pain free that I am certain I could run 26 again tomorrow!  I almost wonder if a year of training is going to be too much.

Now for the barefoot training thing....

I have been noticing a lot more people running barefoot over the last few weeks as the weather has warmed up.  Most are not running "bare" bare foot...but are using these little mesh bootie things that look like gloves for feet.  Something like this made by a company called Vibram.

I know studies have shown running barefoot is more structurally sound for the body.  There have been dozens of articles written on the subject.  However, running in a city like I do with its gross puddles of (mostly human) ick, traffic, broken glass and having spent hundreds of miles running on trails with roots, rocks, mud and the like, running barefoot just does not seem all that enjoyable.  It seems downright dangerous!  I don't know how these people do it with all of the obstacles.  Me????  I will stick with my Newtons!!!

Sometime in the next 48 hours I will be posting my route and timetable for specific cities with anticipated dates.  If you want to join me on any part of the run as a pacer or crewing, shoot me a line!

My wife is going to go see some chick flick with a gal pal on I am looking to do a 40-50 miler just to see how I feel!

I am signed up for the USA SF Half Marathon on April 11th.  (US Half Marathon)  I may take a few days off ahead of time to see if I can put together enough snap for a sub 1:30 effort!

Have a great week!



  1. Great Jeff. I will put you down for Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi!!!! Awesome.