Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mapping out the trip...

I am finding that mapping out the route is a little more arduous than I suspected! 

Even though the mapping tools are 30,000%  better than the days of Lewis and Clark, it is taking a bit of time.  Using Google Maps, the walking route between my two end points has over 400 turns and twists.  I am using a combination of a good old fashioned paper atlas and Google Maps.  One of the coolest thing about Google Maps is that I can see the actual roads from the birds eye view.  This is invaluable.  If you have never used this feature, I highly recommend it.

I am also trying to aim to go through various larger cites as this will increase my chances of getting linked up with running clubs for a little company and war story sharing.  I am also trying to get close to some hotels as I suspect my crew may sicken of KOAs and a motorhome for days on end.  It is also a little challenging because you don't want to run down major thoroughfares or trapse into areas where the only running they do is from the police.  (Yikes!)

Thanks again for all the best of luck messages.  I am enjoying them!

I am planning on running for 8 hours Saturday.  This would be a likely day for me on the trek.  If I can pull that off and feel like running again on Sunday, I may seriously have to look at my timing of the trip.  I don't want to train for a year unnecessarily as I think my likelihood of injury probably goes up. 

Have a great weekend!  My next post will likely be Sunday.


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