Friday, March 19, 2010


Big training day planned for tomorrow!  The weather here has been perfect the last week.  They say this weekend it looks like the weather will be even better!  San Francisco in the spring is hard to beat!

Unfortunately, I popped my right calf muscle again on Wednesday.  It popped in the same exact place as the last time.  I am not sure what is happening in that spot of my leg.  I was well warmed up as I had about 7 miles under my belt and was cruising home.  Flat surface, nothing just let loose again.  It is hard to describe the feeling, almost like a ripping or moving sensation.  Golly-Gee!, Shucks!  That hurts, I said.   (Yeah, right!!!)

I took Thursday off.  After waking this morning at 2:30 a.m. I let the sissy side of my brain convincingly talk me into resetting my alarm for 4:00.

 "You are injured", my sissy side reasoned. 

"You worked hard all week." he continued.

"Tomorrow, you can go.  Stay down."

So I rolled over and molded myself into the dogs and warm wife deep into the blankets.  Smiling...

Two minutes later,  my tough side woke up.

"You pansy ass!  Toughen the hell up!" Tough said.


"Get your lame butt out of bed, you big baby."  Tough screamed.

So much for my self esteem and enlightened motivation.  I rolled out of bed and decided to push through the pain and run.  I am glad I did.  After a few minutes of real hurt, it seemed to loosen up and I was able to get in my ten miles.

So tomorrow, I am going to push, pull and drag myself at least 7 hours.  Not sure where that will get me milage wise.  Hoping for close to 50!

Have a great weekend!

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