Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to Back Marathons...

I had planned on running 70 miles this weekend.

However, when I was planning, I had forgotten that it was Mother's Day weekend. It felt more than a little selfish if I did not adapt my workout accordingly. My lovely wife is amazingly supportive of my "mistresses" (my 4 bikes, my fixation on running shoes and all my other endurance racing toys). So, I wisely decided to go with a more reasonable 52 miles in hours that don't matter ( like 4:00 a.m.). It was one of my better decisions.

I easily cranked back to back marathons on Saturday and Sunday. I feel great! If I was not working tomorrow, I know I could easily go for another or even longer!

Here is another "tried and true" running tip for those of you who want to do longer miles.

Eat ginger! It is great for keeping your stomach from turning inside out and doing flips on you. I usually hit ginger tea or crystallized ginger before a long run. It does make a difference!

Have a great week!

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