Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hot Austin!

I have been in Austin, Texas the last few days trying make some money for the company I work for. I have not had to travel as much since I joined Granicus six months ago. It is not that I mind travel...for many years I was a real road warrior. These days though, I cannot say I miss travel all that much. Airports are bad, airline service is even worse and I have seen one too many reports on the cleanliness of hotel rooms to not want to roll myself up into a Clorox Wipe to create a bacteria-free human burrito!

It has been a while since I ran in truly hot and humid weather. My time in Charleston, South Carolina being probably the last real muggy town that I have ran in.

Austin is hot and humid even at 3 in the morning!

I ran twice today. First at 3 a.m. (1 a.m. San Francisco time) because I was awake, restless and needing a body pounding. I also thought my appointment was early and wanted to get out and back early. It literally was 75 degrees and 90 percent wet...even at 3 in the morning. I got back, took a shower and then found out my appointment was actually not until later in the morning. So, since I had been up since 1:00 a.m. and my work was caught up, I got right back out at 7 or 80 degrees and 95 percent humidity.

Running in Seattle or San Francisco spoils you! It is usually perfect conditions and you can pretty much run your speed with no external obstacles to contend with. Here, I know I was slower. I could literally feel the air sucking the strength out of my body. On the trail, I got passed like I was standing still by a fellow Ironman (M-Dot tatoo on calf gave it away!). I picked up speed and kept pace for about 1/2 mile before he dropped me. Since, I know I am competive, I am blaming the heat...or this guy was really fast.

I am tracking close to where I need to be to complete 400 this month. I will need to step it up a bit...but feel like it is going to be close!

Have a great one!


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