Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Dogs Breakfast

I will be all over the place in this post.  No theme.  Just a few random threads.  Call it EADD (Ed Attention Deficit Disorder)!!!

First, have you ever noticed the phenomenon of buying a new car and then suddenly seeing your same make, model and even color showing up everywhere?  Like all of a sudden, hundreds of people noticed your good taste and ran out and bought the same car you did?  Of course people did not do that.  The cars have been there all along. 

Personally, I am experiencing the same phenomenon on seeming to hear more news of Iraq and Afghanistan reports of US serviceman injuries and fatalities since signing up to raise money for Freedom is Not Free.  My ears tune in immediately, my eyes catch news stories etc.  The news has been there all along...but like most people, I suspect it did not hit my radar because I was not listening for it.  Every night, every day...the news is there.  I hope my run can help people tune in a bit.

Secondly, on a lighter note...I have discovered the awesomeness of a Clif product that does not seem to make it into most stores for some reason.  Clif Roks!  They are little balls of chocolate delight.  Clif claims they fill them with healthy stuff, protein and the like for folks who are taking in heavy exercise.  That is all well and good...but they taste great. 

The chocolate ones taste like malted milk balls...if someone had served them to me on ice cream, I would have been thinking that this candy tastes awesome.  Mice apparently have invaded my house as my stash seems to be getting smaller when I go to work (Christine!!!!)Get them off the web...I doubt that you will find them in the store near you. 

Finally, as I am spending a lot of time with my head phones in my ears these days running through hill and dale, I thought I would share my latest "can't stop listening to" music.  Trampled by Turtles...if you like bluegrass music with a little hard edge, this stuff is the sh*t!!!

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