Thursday, December 9, 2010

Better to wear out than rust out...

The best boss I ever had used to have a saying... "Better to wear out than rust out."  I liked that saying then.  I love that saying now. 

Working sixty hours a week, planning for an epic run, logging big miles in training, maintaining a healthy marraige, keeping my people network alive and keeping all of my other plates spinning on the sticks is just plain energizing.  Really.  I find that the more I am doing, seemingly the more energy I have. 

My wife, who sometimes knows me better than I know myself,  looked at me the other night and asked,

"What are you going to do after this run?  I know how your mind thinks, you are already thinking about what comes after this.   What is it?"

"Come on Christine, I have not even taken the first step on this adventure.  I am not thinking about anything but getting from Charleston to San Diego." 

She looked back at me and with a sigh responded with, "When you are ready to tell me, let me know...please don't make it another trip in a motor home."

The fact of the matter is I have big ideas stacked up like O'Hare at rush hour...(actual live photo?)

The day I run out of BIG ASS GOALS is the day you can park me in the rest home.

What about you?

P.S.  81 days to go!   Woo-Hoo!

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