Saturday, December 11, 2010

Training Update, a shoe choice and a bike for Christine to ride next to me...

Training Update

Training is going great!  In the last 48 hours, I have run 76 miles.  Tomorrow's 26 planned miles will put me at 102 miles in 72 hours, about 67% of the load I will have starting March 1st.  All systems go!  Nothing hurts!  I actually think I could start tomorrow!

I easily put down 44 miles today.  Only one minor hitch on today's 44.  I "bonked" badly about 30 minutes from home and had to down a hastily found and over priced large pumpkin cookie, a bag of peanut M&Ms and some Gatorade.  I knew I was cutting it close on food, but decided to push it.  Of course I paid the price.  If you have never bonked, it really is one of the worst feelings a person can have. There is nothing like it.  Dizzy, lack of energy, horrible mental tracking etc.   The only thing that fixes it is food!

Shoe selection for the run

I have blogged a lot about my love of Newton Running shoes.  They are the best shoes on the market for me and the way I run.  The nice folks at Newton also are helping me out a bit with some special pricing on the 20 pairs between training and the event itself.  Thanks Newton! 

The last shipment I received was an assortment of 5 models.  I was trying to see which ones I felt the most comfortable with on long haul runs.   After putting in nearly 3,000 training miles this year, I think I know what works for me!  I have made a choice, the Newton Gravity Performance Trainer!!!

They are light, durable and comfortable when you are putting in training miles.  I plan on ordering 10 pairs of these on January 1. 

The Bike for Christine

Also, part of the logistics planning for the trip included getting a motorhome and a follow car for those areas that are not easily negotiable for the motorhome.   Another idea that Christine had was that she might want to ride next to me an hour or so a day...especially in places like East Pickleville, New Mexico where the chance of having runners pacing with me is low to none.   So, we ordered this baby from our pals at Charleston Bicycle Company...

The Jamis Citizen Boss 7 Speed Cruiser.  The mack daddy of all cruisers...air conditioned, rack and pinion steering, turbo charged V8, 8 speaker Bose sound system....sweet!

Finally, next week...a major announcement!   (No, I have not changed my mind! ) We have a new partner on the run and we are putting final details together.  I am really excited to have another partner for this!

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  1. Hi Ed,
    My name is Lars and I'm from Sweden. I got a lot of energy from reading your blog.
    It's a fantastic challenge you have in front of you and I wish you all the luck with your fund raising attempt.
    A friend and I biked from north Sweden to the south of Sweden in seven days. We did 300 km a day.
    That was way to much for me. My body really took a hit. It took me two months to recover.
    Now I'm back on track again and I'm aiming for a sub eleven Ironman in August 2011.