Saturday, January 8, 2011

Playing Hurt, Real Time Tracking and Other Miscellaneous Rambles

I wimped out this morning and only logged 14 miles. I had been aiming for a 30 mile session, but just could not get my body there. The last few days I have been fighting a cold and it finally put me on the sidelines. I did 20 on Thursday and 20 on Friday even under the weather. I figured I could suffer through 30 today.  Wrong.

I felt like such a Nancy Boy...wimping out due to a little common cold. But I talked myself into the fact that there is a fine line between being a bad ass and a stupid ass. I have 7 weeks to go and cannot get myself totally screwed up between now and then. Let's stay behind the line on this one. Let's get recovered.

I found a great tool to allow folks who are bored, infirmed, maniacally inclined or by chance interested in my run to track me real time as I run across the country. The new tab up top contains this map, that once I start running will show my exact location every 6 minutes or so. Pretty stinking cool if you ask me!  So, when I start running, if want to watch the progress...

GPS tracking powered by

I did spend time in the steam room at the gym today. I was thinking that 150 degrees and humidity would be good for the cold. Evidently, there are a number of people that must think a steam room constitutes exercise.  It was pretty crowded in there.  Lots of people "going to the gym" for New Years resolutions. I would suggest that going to the steam room at the gym is not really "going to the gym".

Today is the 9th of January.  Leaving 22 days in January and 28 in the math....only 50 days left!  WOW!



  1. Sometimes I wish I thought more like your gym buddies in the the steam room. ;)

    14 with a cold ain't bad Ed. Hope you feel better.

  2. Hope you are feeling better today and could get the 30 miles in. I wanted to let you know I love the shirt and maybe we can purchase some and use as a giveaway at the Granicus retreat. what do you think?