Thursday, January 6, 2011

T-Shirts! Check em out!

Laura Jones, (THANKS!) uber cool wife of one of my co-workers, pulled the design together.  AT and my pals over at Alone and Unafraid  (check out the stuff they offer!) are busy getting an order pulled together and printed for me.   They are also going to be giving me a link so that folks who want to order the shirt can go to the AAU website and use the shopping cart etc.   I am tentatively setting a price of $12 each for folks who want to get one (besides the crew, sponsors and volunteers who are getting the shirts free!   The $12 will tentatively cover the cost of the shirt, shipping and the rest will go to the charities.  The shirts will be tan with black lettering.  Note, the Sole4Souls logo is not on this mock will likely be on the right sleeve.

I also want to give a shout out to Kathy Johnson.  She was the totally awesome lady I mentioned a few posts ago who decided to run the LA Marathon for Freedom is Not Free.  You may remember she and I met while running and struck a conversation up.  You can check out her blog and her CrowdRise page here.

Feeling great!  Did 12 before work and plan on 8 for lunch.

53 or so days to go!   

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