Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Runsomnia Day Two

Today I feel somewhat like this...(19 second video!)

Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy...

For the second or third night in a row, I have woken up at 11:00 p.m. or so with run thoughts.  "AmItrainingenough?Didtheroutemaplogthatlittleareaineastcowbuttarkansasright?Ismykneehurting?WhycannotIgettosleep?Didthetshirtdesigngetdoneright?Moonpies!Donations!"   The killer is that I have not been able to get back to sleep until..2:30, which then becomes "time to run".   Today, I skipped my morning workout and will make it up at lunch time.  I simply needed to grab some sleep!

54 Days and counting....

Last night, I had a great conversation with another USA Crosser, Jason Gross.  Jason ran from New York to Cali 6 years ago.  It was a solid chat.  I learned a few things, but I also got some validation about many of the approaches and logistics planning that we have been doing.   Jason ended up raising $40,000 for Diabetes...which is pretty cool.  He averaged like 25 miles per run day...  Thanks Jason for your time if you read this!

I also got an email from an old boss, still friend/mentor (in my top 10 most influential people on my life guys) saying he and his wife are going to sponsor my Moonpie needs during the run!  I still think a "Powered By Moonpies" campaign is a missed opportunity for the folks in Chatanooga...but I will take the Moonpie sponsorship from a 20 year friend.  Thanks Kong!

54 Days Away...

It is starting to blur....


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  1. Planning something like this is exhausting in itself. Come March 1, things will just be and then you can enjoy the scenery and pounding the ole pavement.

    I hope things like donations will just come pouring in without much effort at the point.