Sunday, February 20, 2011

How does one pack to run across the US?

Today, Christine and I spent the morning assembling and packing all sorts of flotsam and jetsum for the big adventure.  I must say my lovely wife's OCD  (my expert diagnosis, no one elses!) which sometimes drives me bat-sh*t nuts, comes in handy at times like this.  She had been squirreling away stuff for weeks.  Her constant checking off her checklists of checklists and then rechecking them again paid off today.  I love her for this!

There is no manual for packing for a run across the US.  We made everything up as we went. 

I took care of the running gear....10 pairs of everything...running shorts, short sleeve tech shirts, long sleeve tech shirts, cold weather gear, socks, hats and two rain jackets.

I guess I won't be needing my tuxedo, dress shirt or tie for a while.  I did throw a few things in there in case I want to get out of running gear for a night. 

I also packed a chase car bag full of every sort of item a guy might need out on the road!  Rain gear, vaseline (don't ask, won't tell), wet ones, Chap-Stick, electrolyte tablets, flashlights, blah-blah-blah!

Christine had raided Costco's a few times and we caused a red alert restocking event at Target this morning picking up all sorts of sundries.  Guys with pallets were seen lining up as we left.  Paper-Towels, detergents, soap etc. etc. etc.

Finally, the most important and treats for the furry children.  Our two chihuahuas will be on the road with us and they have certain....shall we say, "requirements" (demands!). 

Organic, free range chickens that have had sweet lullabies sung to them are the usual fair for dinner.  Christine is usually seen over the stove sauteeing them food every day.  Chef's hat, cooking apron...the whole nine yards.  When I die, if I get the choice, I want to come back as one of my dogs.  Literally, life should be as good as they have it! 

 We think they are on to us...both of them watched our packing with ears flattened down and eyes of worry!  The picture below is our initial bribe to them!

Seriously, as I packed, I had a lot of thoughts.  Ones of "Heck yeah!  Woo-Hoo!  We are doing this thing! 
It is here! Bring it on!!!"   (All said with fists thumping chest!)

And, others ones, more circumspect like wondering what the next 70 days will bring?  What don't we know?  Am I ready?   What if I....

The RunAcrossAmerica motorcade (1 rented 19 foot RV!) pulls out of San Francisco in 48 hours...I am as ready as a human can be.

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  1. I think I want to come back in my next lifetime as one of your chihuahuas.. Although, that means you and Christine need to be reincarnated as exactly the same people and live the same life... Although, maybe you can run across the Antarctic just to stir things up a bit next time around ;-)

    Congrats on your momentousness start!