Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13, A tale of two runs...

I experienced both sides of the coin today. 

The day started GREAT!  We got a decent early start, even though we lost an hour on the Daylight Savings time change.  I was starting my run in the dark at 6:08!

The first 27 miles of the run, I was flying!  I completed them right at 4 hours.  I felt strong, the coolness of the morning gave me energy and I was thinking that I was either going to finish 50 in record time or get time to make a few miles back!

We had no contact with people today.  Everyone was either asleep, in church or otherwise not at all interested in my little adventure.  But we had lots of fun with cows!  (errr, maybe that did not sound so good!)

The cows seem to all take notice when I run by.  First there is a little curiousity, then BAM, they all take off running like I am going to turn them into t-bones or something.  Hey Cows!  I don't eat meat!  You got the wrong dude!  It is really comical.   Today we came across 5-6 herds that all acted the same.  A little curiousity and then heading for the hills.  I suspect that they are frightened of something that smells worse than they do!

Here is an example of typical cow behavior!

The second half of the day?  The wheels fell off in an ugly way.   On mile 46 I bonked.  Not just your regular, run of the mill bonk...but a full fledged, I am ready to pass out now bonk.  I got some food into me and then walked another mile before telling myself that I was done for the day.   The goal is to live to fight another day not split my head open passing out on US Highway 80 outside of Selma!

So, not so bad!  47 miles in 8 hours flat!  I continue to be optimistic about this trip!

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