Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ads you will never see....

This morning I spent 4 hours and 15 minutes getting my (8 pounds over racing weight) ass handed to me for 26 ish miles on the Marin Headlands Trail System.  Most people don't realize that less than 4 miles from central San Francisco are some of the most beautiful beaches, trails and forests!  I am focussing a bit on trails the next few months as I am planning on running the Northface Trail Running Championships in December.  Road racing ain't gonna get me in shape for that! 

Here is a great link to Headlands if you are in town and interested! 

As I was running, I had plenty of silent time and one of the voices in my head, who I have not heard from in a while, decided to get chatty...  His concept?  Advertisements for lines of athletic products if there were no laws preventing folks from saying whatever they wanted.

Here are a few....

Want to run win Ultra Marathons?
Winston is recommended by 4 out 5 Badwater UltraMarathon Winners!

Jimmy Choo's new foot forward Racing Technology has revolutionized Trail Running!
Our new Triathlon shoe will be released in the fall!

The new CLIFburger!!!! 

From the maker of CLIFBars and CLIFShots comes
the new organic CLIFBurger.  When you need that extra dose of energy, the
CLIFBurger delivers! 
CLIFCola and CLIFBurger Meal only $1.99!

New from Ethan Allen Furniture!
The Active Collection!
Designed to improve circulation, muscle recovery and body posture!
(Soon to be logo'd by Ironman and exclusively sold at all Ironman event expos!) 

Maybe I should take my headphones with me next time I trail run...


  1. That is funny stuff...and why I run with music ;)

  2. LOL at "Publius" and I agree... or lots of good people watching to distract me.

    I'm impressed you are back at 26miles already.