Sunday, June 5, 2011

Normal People, Amazing Accompllishments

This weekend the planets must have been aligned in my personal galaxy as a number of my friends, medium acquaintenances and others I know of all had updates on some amazing achievements.  This confluence of endurance and will caused me to sit back and think about how lucky I am to have such a network of people in my life.

First, John Glover, a guy I have known off and on for ten years pulled off an amazing feat on Saturday morning.  He swam Florida's Key West, a distance of 12.5  miles in about 5:18 minutes.  John is a multiple Ironman finisher, so he knows about long swims...but 12.5 miles?  Wow! 

Last weekend a friend I made on my first Run Across America, John Teeples, completed something very cool!  He and a few other individuals, plus several relay teams (one which included Ian Edwards, who ran almost a whole day with me in March) ran across the state of Georgia to raise money for House of Heroes, which helps military veterans who need basic home repairs etc.   John and the rest of the team ran 260 miles and raised $71,600!  Check out the run and the cause here!  

Then to top that off, John sent me crew information on the Badwater Ultra Marathon.  Christine and I are going to help John as he attempts the 134 mile duel with the heat.  I am so jazzed for him.  Only 90 people a year get the chance to make this run.  I am lucky to get to crew for John on this. 

I have been following another guy named Troy Yocum since he and I connected before my RAA attempt.  Troy is a veteran who, with his wife and dog, have been walking across the US the last year and a half or so raising money and touching lives in support of our military.  He has walked nearly 7,000 miles in all, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and probably has given more speeches, interviews and talks to get the word out in supporting our veterans.  He and I traded a call or two back and forth this weekend, but I hope to catch up with him on how it is going for him.  Learn more about Troy here!

All three of these guys are pushing the edge on everything they do...totally inspiring to me!  I am glad to know them!

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