Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Steps of the Journey...and a proposed route!

Thanks to all of you who have sent me encouraging comments over the last week.  I must have gotten 20 messages or so behind the scenes.  For sure, I got a few of the "What are you nuts?"  "One too many dirty martinis rot your brain?" kind.  Most however, were from people who have cheered me on in my other adventures.  Some of you offered to crew for me, run a leg with me or offered up other assistance.  Thanks!  I will take you up on it if you are serious!

Today, I started the first official steps of training.  I strapped on my Newtons and ran 24 miles up through the Marin Headlands (Click Here for Pics).  It was a great start to the year and a great start to training. 

The second step I have made has been to get set up with a trainer.  One might think I would have gone the route of a trainer who is an expert in running.  Counter intuitively, I decided to go another route and work with a trainer who is focusing her work on my core strength,  (lack of) flexibility and strengthening secondary muscles that will help my primary running muscles work less.  It is funny to me, but this lady (Judy) must weigh like 80 pounds and probably could make Mike Tyson cry in about five minutes if she wanted to.

The route I am planning on is stored on Google Maps  Click Here For Route

However, if you just want the visual...draw a straight line from Los Angeles to Savannah, GA. 

The milage for the walking route is totalling 2,396 miles.  The big goal is to try to do this in less than 45 days.  Can I do 60 miles a day for 40 days with 5 rest days?  That is a lot of running.  10 hour days if I can average 6 miles per hour.  I am convinced I can do that.  My goal will be to get my training up to 26 miles a day on week days and 60 miles per day on weekends.  If I can do that, I can make it.

Today's 40,000 steps or so are the start.


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  1. I think you ar taking the easy way out by running across the most narrow part of the US.

    Why not Miami to Seattle?
    Just kidding - you are a stud.
    Jeff Peacock